Politicians LOVE Bribes

By Robert Welzel

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Just how many US politicians are “in-the-pocket” of mega-corporations? Most are too fearful to even think about it. The answer, of course, reflects where we are as a society, so we must ask.

Have 46 out of 55 members of Congress investigating potential wrongdoing by Mark Zuckerberg received bribes from his companies?

The only way we’ll know for sure is by having God Fearing men and women asking these questions in the Montana House. The public must demand nothing less than every known and unknown intention and misdeed of every special interest group(s) working in our political arenas. We must have TransparencyFor Montana District 7.

There are three qualifications for leadership. First, you must FEAR GOD. No this isn’t a religious test. It is an acknowledgment that the leader is accountable to something bigger than themselves.

Second, a leader must LOVE JUSTICE. Leaders must show an inherent sense of equity and fairness; they should be outraged when citizens are treated unjustly.

Finally, a leader must HATE BRIBES. Leadership today actually hates justice and love bribes, just the opposite of what it should be. They love all the trappings of power and wealth. They not only love getting a payoff from political donors, but they also love being owed favors when they deliver some good to their politically connected friends.

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We must start encouraging REAL Americans to run for office and defeat these political elitists. It is the only way to restore our Republic. It must start at the state and local level and from there, we must join together with other states to pressure the federal leviathan to square themselves away. It is our only hope.

I’m asking for your help, I’m asking you for you to allow me to prove to you that I fulfill the above and that with your help, I will be your voice. We need a team of patriotic Americans to help me win 2500 votes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it most surely is when only business interests get to vote! I need your help to break the back of oligarchical “representation”! I need your help to expose our corrupt system. I will stand for you the people, now tell me what you want so I can get to work.

How can you help?

Tell your story! Use your 1st Amendment Rights! Post your opinions and voices on my facebook page. Like and share with the community so we can build a grassroots movement on social media. If you would like to do more, please use the contact form on our website, we have plenty of work for American volunteers to do!

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