Robert Welzel is running for House District 7. I know Bob personally, and my family and I will be voting for him. Bob understands natural law and will uphold the values that founded this great country and state.


I have been to Helena with Bob on multiple occasions and heard him testify against Medicaid expansion, for gun rights, and for the sanctity of life. His testimonies were intelligent, clear and compelling. Bob is dedicated to truth, and he will uphold his oath to the Montana Constitution. Bob is a family man, has shown himself to be politically active, is a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, owns his own business here in the Flathead Valley, and is a pilot for Fed Ex. I believe that his life experiences will help him make decisions as our representative.


Please try to get to know Bob. Message him on Facebook with your questions. Then spread the word to your friends and family, and vote for Bob Welzel.


Bob’s opponent, current House Rep. Frank Garner, needs to go. He has been in office too long already and has caused much damage to our liberties. Frank runs as a Republican, but a simple glance at his voting record shows that he does not vote for the values that the Montana Republican platform represents. Frank was for Medicaid expansion in 2015 and for the gas tax that was implemented the 2017 legislative session. (Compare his votes on those two issues to the Montana Republican Party platform … he is completely opposite!) Frank Garner runs as a Republican, but he isn’t one!


We need to come together as conservatives and vote Bob Welzel into House District 7. He will represent the will of the people bravely.


—Julie Dockery, Kalispell

Originally appeared in the Daily Inter Lake

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