I would like to write in regard to Robert Welzel’s candidacy for House District 7. Having known Bob for several years I have nothing but the utmost confidence in him as a candidate. Unlike so many in politics that seek elected office primarily to become something or to gain something, Bob’s sincere motivation is to actually do something. This is a man who truly embodies the qualities of a servant leader, and I have not a doubt in my mind that serving the citizens of Montana is his genuine and sole motivation in seeking elected office.


Bob is for responsible and limited government. Having traveled with him to Helena on several occasions where I witnessed his bold and powerful testimony against Medicaid expansion and in defense of the life of the unborn, I can tell you that he is a genuine, godly, and patriotic man who has both the leadership skills and the strength of character necessary to fight for justice and to stand in defense of liberty.


After serving 26 years in the Marine Corps, Bob could have gone anywhere, yet he chose to make his home here in the valley as he deeply loves this community and the great state of Montana. He does not want to see hard working Montanans weighed down with unjust taxes, or for burdensome debt from uncontrolled spending to negatively impact future generations.


Robert Welzel has my wholehearted support. I urge voters in House District 7 to take a step in the right direction and send Bob to Helena. He truly does love Montana. —Bethany Curtis, Kalispell

Article originally appeared on the Daily Inter Lake

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