Regarding the recent legislative filings for House District 7, I am heartened and pleased to see a true and sound alternative to Frank Garner step into the fray in the form of Lt. Col. Robert Welzel, a former Marine aviator.

Mr. Welzel’s platform of limited constitutional government and fiscal responsibility is EXACTLY what is needed in Montana to stand against and reverse the slow, seeping encroachment of big government elitist ideology into our state, from both Democrats AND Republicans. I would also add that Mr. Welzel’s platform stands in stark contrast to the so-called “pragmatism” of the incumbent, gas-tax Frank Garner.

I for one look forward to ardently supporting Mr. Welzel in the coming election in his bid to unseat the incumbent, and the day that District 7 is again represented by someone who understands the principles of our nation’s Constitution, limited government, and sound fiscal and economic policy.

Semper Fi, Lt. Col. Welzel.

You have my vote already. —Christopher Weil, Kalispell

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