Margaret Thatcher famously said that “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Her comment is far from a complete description of the problem with socialism. For instance, she never addresses how a country gets from freedom to socialism. Nor does she mentions what happens when “other people’s money” runs out. The real problem with socialism is that it demands the supremacy of the government over the supremacy of the people. America is intended to be a government Of the People, By the People and For the People. The people are Supreme in our form of government.

In socialism, we find a system that is Of the Elite, By the People and For the Government. A system where the government is Supreme in all things. Are we ready to accept this transition from liberty to tyranny? Some might think we have already become a socialist state. Others think we might be a communist state. I would think we are something more like a Crony Capitalist state. Regardless of how we label our current situation, I know that we are not YET subjects in a totalitarian tyranny. We all know why; it’s because we still have our guns. The road from freedom to tyranny is always a violent one, so every would-be dictator knows that, above all else, they must DISARM the people. We will never tolerate tyranny in America because we will never be disarmed. But, we must take the advice of one of the most distinguished combat commanders from WWII: “Never let the enemy choose the battlefield.”

General George Patton knew a thing or two about battlefields, and he very soundly applied the principles taught to warriors for ages by Sun Tzu in the Art of War. We are seeing the battle rage in two theaters of war: in the judicial branch and in the executive branch. But isn’t it stunning that we see almost no one fighting on behalf of the People in the legislative branch—the governmental body representing the PEOPLE? It’s probably meaningless to try to figure out how our legislative bodies became so USELESS, but it’s critically meaningful to understand the TACTICAL advantage that we can gain from recognizing it. The legislative bodies in our country are almost universally despised since they have become filled with cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men who have subverted the power of the people and seized for themselves the reins of government.

That’s what President George Washington predicted would happen in his Farewell Address. I submit to you that the battlefield we can—and we should choose is in the legislatures of the states. WE need to regain the people’s houses from those unprincipled men who have stolen them. Why is this important? Because it is the LEGISLATIVE branch who has the power to impeach. Have you ever wondered why almost no corrupt politicians and unjust judges have ever been impeached? It’s because these unprincipled men controlling the reins of power give them a pass. I SAY NO MORE PASSES It’s time for normal citizens to take back control of our government. The only meaningful way to do that is to run for and win a controlling percentage of seats in the legislative bodies and then to go on the offensive against the corruption in the executive and judicial branches.

We think we are here because of the threat against the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake, the 2nd Amendment is a natural law right that existed long before the Constitution was written, and that right will remain long after the Constitution is gone. But, as long as we have cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men controlling the reins of government, none of our natural law rights are safe. We can’t fight this fight defensively; we must go on the offensive and strike them at the exact point they are most vulnerable. Legislatures can write statutes, amend constitutions, control budgets, as well as impeach. Our Founding Fathers understood why the legislature must be controlled by the people.

Another WWII General, General Douglas MacArthur, said: “In war, there is no substitute for victory.” There’s also no substitute for victory in the fight for liberty. Our guns and 2nd Amendment rights are at risk because we have no warriors in our legislatures. That means we must act; we must recruit principled candidates for the legislature and then elect them. There’s no substitute, and there’s no second place.

This is a fight for our lives. I was asked to run for House District 7. The man currently holding that seat is a Republican that voted for Higher Gas Taxes, voted for Obamacare and voted to KILL the Montana School Safety Act which would arm teachers. Join me in defeating the political elite who have hijacked our government.

My Name is Robert Welzel; I am an American, and I will never surrender to tyranny, I am a United States Marine, and I will fight for Right and Freedom, I am a Montanan who will not compromise to cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men. I will fear God to Whom we will all give account and I will love justice.

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